Game – “your team”

My informant plays a simple, funny and contemporary game with her siblings and friends. The unofficial name of the game is “your team”. People between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five are the most common participants. The origin is not definitely known but it definitely a recent addition to folklore that is spreading throughout the United States among young people.

The game is ongoing and can be played at practically anytime. “If you see someone who is strange looking, doing a strange activity, wearing unusual clothing or stands out in a somewhat negative way then you tell your friend ‘he’s (or she’s) on your team’.” A laugh made by either part often follows the statement. The point of the game is to make your opponents team as bad as possible. The game is played in public places or in the car since the assigned ‘team member’ is almost always a stranger. There is no scorekeeping and never really a winner since it’s a never-ending game. The game is basically a way to poke fun at strangers and laugh with friends.

My informant learned the game from her older brother. At first, she was skeptical and confused about the game but now she finds it hilarious. She has even taught it to many of her friends and continues to play with them and with her brother at random times.