German Birthday tradition

Context: My informant is a 52 year old German immigrant. He grew up in East Germany and went to university in the Soviet Union and currently resides in California. He will be referred to as “H”.

Main piece: When we were kids, we would play this game at birthday parties. Everyone would sit in a circle at a table. In front of one person would be a pair of gloves, a hat, a scarf, a chocolate bar, and a fork and knife. The person on their right would have two die. Basically, whoever had the chocolate bar and everything in front of them would have to put on the hat, scarf, and gloves and try to eat as much of the chocolate bar with a fork and knife before the other person rolled two sixes. If they did, then the die and the chocolate bar and everything else would be passed to their right. The goal was to eat as much of the chocolate bar as possible, which is hard to do when you have to use a fork and knife. Lots of fun.

Background: This is something my informant would do during his childhood birthday parties and the birthday parties of his friends and family. He grew up in the Harz region of Germany, located towards the center of the country.

Notes: This seems like a great game with high stakes that relies on luck and speed. It also places value on confectionary goods, like chocolate.