Context: S is Korean as well as German, and they also showed me a gesture that they were taught growing up. Their parents told them to always accept a gift from someone with both of their hands rather than one because it showed respect and politeness and that you are giving your full attention to the person who is giving you the gift. 

Analysis: I believe that this is a big part of Asian culture. I was also taught to receive gifts with two hands and say thank you, especially if they were my elders, to show them my respect and my thanks. I know many of my Asian friends were also taught the same by their parents, and the gesture doesn’t always only apply to gifts, but when you are handed anything of importance because it signifies that you are giving the item and them your full attention and focus. I think it is a nice habit to have because so many interactions now aren’t even in person, but over the phone, or online, and they’ve lost their intimacy. It’s nice to slow down and just take a moment to put your focus entirely on one person and acknowledge and savour the moment you’re sharing.