Ghost Father

My informant is a 23 year old filmmaker who lost his father when he was nine years old.

“So the first story is the story of my dead father appearing to me. Um, so this happened about three months after my father passed away. I had just turned nine and we were having lunch in, uh, the kitchen of our house. And I’m with my friends and my brother and my mom’s making us chicken nuggets because chicken nuggets are the greatest. Uh, and I look up and directly across from me, standing in the doorway of the kitchen, in um, in a hallway, is my father. Plain as day. And i just instinctively say, “Hi Dad!” Everyone looks up and my mom just dismisses it saying, “Honey, no one’s there.” She later then approached me saying “I saw him too.” And since then I have seen my father on ten occasions.”

This would be told when recounting stories of lost loved ones or paranormal activity.


My informant was clearly missing his father. I and others I know often see images of those they have lost, especially if they were young when their loved one died. It is not out of the ordinary to think you’ve seen your loved one after they’ve passed, especially for children.