Ghost in School

Informant EL went to the same high school as me and now currently goes to UC Berkeley. However, because he is interning in LA, he is taking classes at USC this semester to satisfy credits. While we were out eating dinner we began reminiscing about high school when I realized that our school had a lot of traditions and myths, so I asked him to tell me in his own words some of the stories of our school.

EL: “Okay I remember when we were in middle school there was this painting of this Japanese devil samurai thing holding a sword, it was in front of the IT department remember? Remember how there was a rumor going on that at night at 8 a ghost would walk out of the painting and if it sees you it will kill you? I remember Jesse and Calvin (friends from high school) said they saw it.”

Oh yea I remember that

EL: “Yea I remember in middle school on fridays we would stay around school and wait till it was the right time and then hang out at the stairs and wait to see if the ghost ever appeared.We never saw it but people from other grades have claimed that they have seen a ghost walk out of the painting before.”

Thoughts: I remember this very clearly because it was one of those things I would never forget from middle school. We literally would wait around school until 8pm and then hide at a staircase to catch the ghost. This rumor went around our whole middle school and a lot of people have claimed to have seen it, but I’m pretty sure they were lying as we never see it. I think it was just one of those things someone made up to kept us entertained when we didn’t want to go home.