Ghost in the Guest Room

“So we have this room in our house, which is what we use as the guest room. Except, we usually never let anybody stay in there or go in there at all. We always keep the door shut nowadays. I’ve always been convinced that my house was haunted but this room especially is..well…weird stuff has happened in there. When I was little it was kind of like my playroom. I had all my toys in there and would leave them all over. My mom told me that one day I was playing in there and she came in to get me for lunch. No one else was home. After lunch, when we went back to my playroom, a few of my toys were up on the bed. We didn’t have any pets at the time, so we’re still confused at how that happened. Also, for people who have stayed in there, a few had said they would see things in the mirror…so I mean eventually we just took down the mirror. Oh and also, you can’t light a candle in there. Everytime we try to, it just goes out. Everyone will say, oh it’s just a draft blowing out the candle, but seriously, we’ve tried putting it everywhere without fans or open windows. It doesn’t light. It goes out like someone blows it out. The room creeps me out so much, I don’t think I’ve gone in there for years.”

The informant told me these stories based on personal experiences or what she heard from others. She has lived in the same house her entire life, until she came to college, but she occasionally goes back to visit. I asked her why they didn’t move out due to this obvious paranormal activity, and she said because it really was only confined to that one room. No one ever got hurt, so her family likes to think it’s just a friendly ghost. In my opinion, I would move out of there. I’m a firm believer that ghosts are real and friendly or not, the paranormal presence scares me.