Ghost Mattress

Main Piece:

“My grandma lives in Maryland and she once bought a mattress from a friend that was old and worn out, obviously had been well lived in. So the first night that she was sleeping on the new “old” mattress she at first thought she was dreaming but then believed she saw a little girl crawl out from beneath the bed and into her room. After that, she dragged the mattress out of her house and never looked back.” 


This story comes from a classmate’s grandmother she’s 70 and lives in Maryland. It is a true story, or at least a story her grandma believes is true. 


I learned of this story from a classmate, AO. AO shared her grandmother’s story with me in a breakout session when we decided to trade family ghost stories. 


This story was very spooky. It could have been a great horror movie scene. This story is going to make me rethink buying a used mattress in the future. A ghost story like this is an oral tradition and is unique to Ms. O and something she had shared with family members until Alison was nice enough to share it with me.