Ghost of UBC

Informant is a friend of mine that loves ghost stories.

Informant: There is a long drive into the campus. The road is completely empty except for the trees on the sides. The road is kinda long and the story is that some couple was driving on the road. They got into a fight and the girl stepped out of the car and right after getting out she got hit by another car. To this day it’s said that her spirit still haunts University Boulevard. Numerous reports by male students claim that they picked up a woman who handed them a piece of paper with the library’s address on it. She’ll jump in the rear seat, and then quickly disappear. This has happened on more than one occasion.

Me: So when you drive down the road at night did you ever see or hear the girl?

Informant: Nah, there is never anything on that road. I do use that ghost story to fool around and scare the shit outta people though!

This was so spooky when I first heard it. I had always planned on visiting my friend at UBC, but upon hearing this spooky ghost story I didn’t feel like I wanted to go visit him anymore! Even if it seems like a made up story, I personally do not like getting scared out of my wits.

From what I have found, it is an old tale that has been passed down for many years, upon hearing it I did some research and it is very similar to the generic “vanishing hitchhiker”