Ghost of Zecco Auditorium

My informant a twenty-two year old undergraduate attended Anna Marie College in Paxton, Massachusetts for her entire freshman and fall of her sophomore years before transferring to a school in California. She revealed that a number of spirits and ghosts are believed haunt the college. The ghost haunting Zecco Auditiorium is believed to be named Theresa.

“There was a human skeleton was found under the stage, presumably hers. She likes to plays with the lights (which I’ve experienced a couple of times), moves props around, lets a few people see her sitting in the seats, and has afascination with modern technology.”

Massachusetts is notorious for the supernatural, hence Salem witch trials. This ghost story serves as entertainment aiding into the appeal of the state. It may attract not just tourist but students. Additionally it is form keeping the supernatural history alive. My informant revealed that she learned of the ghost story from peers after moving on campus.