Ghost Sighting in Cambridge, England

Ghost Sighting in Cambridge, England:

G.H.: Uh, in 1972, I went uh, surfing in Europe, Spain and France, and travelled around Europe, then I ran out of money. And I had friends living in Cambridge, they said I could look for work, because these people said they could help me get a job. One guy was a professor at the University of Cambridge, and it was his girlfriend, a Greek lady. And so I stayed with the Greek lady for a while. And her house backed up along a place called Jesus Green, and Jesus Green Park is kind of oval in shape, and uh, I learned a lot about Cambridge area. The significance of Jesus Green in that area, was that it was very old, and people walked along that area like a promenade. I don’t know, that area is super ancient. And one day, I was standing at the sink washing dishes, and it’s not dark, but dusk. I’m washing dishes, and out the back, the window looks out the backyard. There’s an opening where a gate should be, and the other side, the continuance of the brick wall. So the house backs up against Jesus Green, and as I look up, this translucent grey figure walks left to right, and when he gets almost abreast of me, he turns and looks at me, then turns his head away and continues to walk. The guy is dressed in 15th century, I could see the buttons on his coat, long hair, you know, real fancy jacket kind of thing you would imagine from Rembrandt portraits from that era. I could see his face to this day, but he was a translucent kind of grey. Very distinctive. As if that didn’t blow my mind, he walks ahead, he turns and looks at me, and all of a sudden where the gate should be, he walks a ghost dog, a little Pekingese kind of thing.

ME: Very interesting. Could you describe the translucence a little more?

G.H.: It was like a half tone of grey, if you, you were to take an image on your computer and ask for grey tones. It was different shades of grey.

ME: Thank you.


Ghost sightings are common, and in G.H.’s case, he visited Cambridge, England, and at the area of Jesus Green, where he stayed with his friend, he believes he saw a ghost. The apparition appeared to be a figure of the 15th century, as evidenced by his very antiquated clothing, and appearance, down to the hairstyle and the coat of many buttons. I am not sure about what others experience. They may let me know something they have seen or heard, yet I have to make a judgement about it for myself. It is often difficult to fully believe such stories, and there are always attempts to try to rationalize it. For example, this experience could have had to do with G.H.’s state of mind, and the dress of the man he believes to be a ghost, may be explained as that of a re-enactor, or an eccentric fellow walking in that area. What is striking about G.H.’s account is how utterly unnerving the experience must have been. He was startled by the sudden appearance of what appeared to be spectral figure in his midst, being very close to his position. It is completely understandable why such a sighting may become a personal memory that endures decades later.