Ghost Sighting


Informant: “I’m like agnostic about ghosts. Does that make sense? I am unsure whether like I have no firm…like belief or opinion as to their reality or not. I know it’s strange but I- I’m not totally against the fact that there could be paranormal stuff I guess.”

Interviewer: “Do you have any personal experience with the paranormal or something resembling it?”

Informant: “The only one, not really me but I’ve had like stories told from like my friends and like my mom. The one she talked about was in her…her mom’s old house. It was at my grandma’s house when they were first looking to buy it. My mom…and her brother both thought they saw like a woman run past up on like the front and they were like ‘oh she must live here’ so they tried to go and find her and they couldn’t find her anywhere. So they were like ‘whoa that’s pretty spooky’. Um…and then my aunt’s…well my aunt at a party at that house…her hair caught on fire. Um…and so they like so like and she didn’t…she was not near like a flame. This is what my mother has told me but it influenced me a lot as a child.”

Interviewer: “And they only saw this person who ran by once?”

Informant: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “Okay. Well did anything else strange happen at the house?”

Informant: “Um…not that I remember but I know that my…my mom, my cousin, and my uncle were all pretty skeeved out by the house… for a multitude of reasons. Just from thinking that they saw things or like felt weird under certain situations.”

Interviewer: “And how old were you when you were told these stories?”

Informant: “I was…I think I was like 11 when my mom was telling me the stories about the woman and when my aunt’s hair caught on fire. But I used to go to my grandmother’s house all the time.”


The informant isn’t sure whether to believe in ghosts or not. She herself hasn’t experienced anything paranormal. However, close family had experienced ghost encounters. For one, when her grandmother was buying her house, her mother claimed to have seen a woman run by. Assuming she was the owner, she went to talk to the lady only to find that she disappeared. There is also a case of the informant’s aunt’s hair randomly catching fire while in the same house. The story was told to the informant when she was young. There seems to be no deceptive purpose to telling the story. It seems true to me. It’s a very interesting ghost story to me because it sounds so convincing but I’ve still had no personal experience with ghosts.