Ghost Twins

Collection: two figures – Legend (ghost)

A: “Have you had anything weird happen to you in your house?”

B: “In the same house as the oven story which was down the road from the cemetery, my bedroom was on the third floor and looked over the driveway. And so two of my windows looked out over the entire driveway. And my best friend, Lloyd, would always tell me that he saw a white figure walking up and down the driveway, but I would never look. I would just say “Shut up. Go to hell.” *laughs* And he would always say one white figure. He always said one, but this one night, he said that he could see two figures. And he didn’t say it as jokingly as he had before, but I still just said “Shut up.” But he was really persistent, so we just closed the curtains.”

A: “But you didn’t look?”

B: “No I never looked. And the next morning, I was like talking to my mom about what happened because we always talked about it, and she told me that there was a funeral for two stillborn twins on the day that Lloyd saw the two figures. The funeral was at the cemetery down the road from my house, and the people who had the twins were our family friends. And they had just buried their stillborn twins on that very day.”

Context/Interpretation:  This cemetery background information adds to the narrative’s performance aspect. Also, the informant’ friend is vernacular authority because the story appears more credible when others can support the main claim.