Ghostly Mirror

My informant is a 71 year old woman who grew up in Brooklyn, New York but later moved to Long Island, NY to raise a family.

“We moved into our new house and three days after we moved in I went down into the basement where there were many old things from the last owners.  One thing I found down there was this old mirror and on the back were newspapers from a time that was before Lincoln was president; it talked about the Whig party but I don’t remember the exact dates.  So I thought it was a nice mirror and hung it up at the end of our hallway, right out side my bedroom door.  That night I fell asleep but in the middle of the night woke up, sat up, rubbed my eyes, and as clear as day there were three people dressed in.. I don’t really know how to say it because it wasn’t colonial dress but it was old dress from that time period.  It was a husband a wife and a child all standing there staring at me right outside my bedroom door in front of the mirror.”

I find this interesting as it connects two different liminal places, both a mirror and a doorway, places where many ghost sightings seem to take place.  It seems there was a direct connection between the newspapers in the mirror and the appearance of the ghosts in the doorway, as they seemed to come from the time period of the newspapers.