Give Me the Red Bag

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is CH.

This final superstition was given as an offhand remembrance that the student did not expect to tell me.

CH: Ok so on Chinese New Years, traditionally younger people like kids say this one saying to their parents or elders. Its gong xi fa cai/ hong bao na lai. And what that means roughly translated is “I wish you good luck and good fortune, now hand me the red bag” and the red bag has money in it. And it can be upwards of hundreds of dollars depending on how old the kid is.

Analysis: This once again shows the importance of red within the Chinese culture. Not only does it help protect them from evil doings, but it can also bring them fortune and wealth. However, it should be noted that they must pay their respects to their elders before receiving their gift, thus showing the importance of their family on their lives. It is also interesting that the older you get the more money you receive. It could possibly be to show the maturity of the person rewards them with more fortune.