Grandma’s Joke

Informant: My informant, M.A., is 18 and was born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. M.A. parents both work as corporate lawyers and he hopes to pursue the same career. M.A. is also a practicing Catholic and is strongly connected to his religion. He has one brother and two sisters with the family being almost fully Americanized but still hold on to some of his Syrian heritage.

Folklore: “So there is this child and his grandpa. One day the little boy sees that his grandpa is drinking some whiskey from a glass and the boy asks his grandpa, ‘Hey, can I take a sip of that whiskey?’ The grandpa responds by saying, ‘Does your dick touch your asshole?’ The little boy answers back and says, ‘No.’ The next day the little boy sees his grandpa smoking a cigar and boy asks his grandpa, ‘Hey, can I get a puff of that cigar?’ And again the grandpa responds by saying, ‘Does your dick touch your asshole?’ Again the little boy responds, ‘No.’ The next day the grandpa sees the little boy eating a plate of freshly baked cookies and the grandpa asks the boy, ‘Hey, can I have one of your cookies?’ The little boy responds and says, ‘Does your dick touch your asshole?’ The grandpa smiles and replies, ‘Yes.’ The little boy looks up and says, ‘Then go fuck yourself!’” Surprisingly, M.A. was told this story from his grandma who said it was her husband’s favorite joke when they were younger. He says that he only tells the joke with a group of guys but is definitely one of his favorite dirty jokes he has ever heard.

Analysis: I loved the joke and the way M.A. performed it. I was shocked to find out when he told me his grandma told him the joke because that would probably be the last person who you would expect to tell you a joke like that. For me, I am a huge fan of guy/dirty jokes but I do believe there is a time and place for every joke and I probably wouldn’t tell this joke in front of girls.