Guru Arjan

Description: “Guru Arjan was the fifth guru in India. He was the leading spiritual leader when the muslims invaded India. And like Punjabi people are historically warrior people so they were able to resist the invasion. But the rest of india was engulfed. But the leader of the like muslims conquerers wanted to like meet with him. And like Sikh temples are called gurdwaras but they serve food to everybody because they believe in community service and making sure everybody has a meal. But everybody has to sit down on the floor because when the king came he was expecting like this nice reception. But when he got there they were like no we have to all sit down on the floor cause we’re all equals like there’s no difference between you and a homeless man, you know what I mean?”

2. This seemed like a tale that was told specifically by word of mouth.

3. I walked into his dorm and asked him to tell me some folklore. This was one that he told me.

4. This tale sheds light on the spiritualism that’s present in eastern India with the Punjabi people specifically. It also sheds light on their relationship with other nations. The seemed to have a particularly poor view of the Muslims and that’s represented in this Legend. Most people believe Guru Arjan to have actually existed. No one really knows if he had the powers that he is believed to have had.