“Guys finger, Girls blow”

“Guys finger, girls blow”

While playing the drinknig game beerpong with some college-aged co-eds and a house party, I witnessed a girl blowing into the red cup while a ping-pong ball was circling the opening but not yet touching the beer inside the cup.  When I questioned what she was doing, my friend Adam stepped in.  He said “Umm.. duh… guys finger, girls blow.”  He went on to explain that “If a ball circles the cup… but doesn’t hit the beer… You try to get the ball out.  You know.. Girls can blow into the cup and we can use our fingers to knock it out.”

I further witnessed Adam using a flicking like method later in the game to remove a circling ping-pong ball from the cup.  This is clearly a game rule specific to this group of co-eds.  Adam explained the sexual connotation of the rule relating differing sexual acts of females versus males.

I suppose this rule is found humorous due to  the resemblance of sexual acts, which in such a setting, such as a house party with college co-eds, seems natural and flirtatious.  I agree with my informant that this rule does elude to sexual behaviors and further denotes the males from the females interacting in the drinking game.