Haunted NOLA Cabin

Main Piece:

Participant – “So, my cousins were staying in New Orleans, which is like known for ghosts and everything and they were looking up there um… like they were in their house and they hear like a knocking outside and a lady being like ‘hey, like…this is my house, let me in’ and like the door handle kept turning so it was shaking. So, the people, people came, like my cousins and stuff came downstairs cause thought someone was trying to break in and they thought it was like a drunk woman or something like knocking on the door and everything, and they’re like ‘this isn’t your house’ and the door knob is shaking and they can hear it perfectly, like completely perfect. Then it was quiet for like… a short time and then it was gone…like it was actually moving! The door knob and the handle and they could perfectly hear someone and they open the door and there was nothing on either side like nothing was there and so they were like ‘what the fuck’ and so they look it up and the house is haunted and they’re like ‘oh my god’ and then it happened again the next night. The same exact thing, and like no one was there when they opened the door again and the neighbor says that it like happens a lot and it’s like a ghost it’s not anyone which is really freaky.”


My friends and I were discussing the different ghost stories that we have encountered over our lives or any personal encounters with the supernatural. The participant shared this ghost story with us. 


The participant was born in and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and is currently a second semester freshman at the University of Southern California. She is a Law, History, and Culture major with a minor in Art History. This was told to the participant by her cousins who experienced it.         


Ghost stories are much easier to believe when coming from someone you have a personal connection with. In this case the participants link to her cousin made her much more invested in the story.