Hazing is a process done by fraternity and some sorority houses where the pledges are hazed to bring down their individuality in order to conform to the group setting. Hazing is also done in the purpose of making sure pledges know that they are not active members of the house and is also done in the form of pledges doing favors or cleaning the house in order to earn their spot in the fraternity itself. Hazing is extremely illegal and there are many current regulations and rules that prevent such actions yet most houses find ways to still participate in the old-fashioned ways. These practices of hazing and belittling the pledges have been around since the very start of fraternities and the practices have been passed down for pledge class the pledge class in order to keep the ideals traditions and culture of the house the same. Technically illegal, it is tacitly understood that some houses take part in the practice. I think hazing is terrible and it is illegal for a reason. No one should be pressured to drink excessively or take part in activities that he or she is not comfortable in.