Hell Week

Context: The subject of the interview was a student at UCSB and was a member of a fraternity while in attendance. 


“And the pledge class had something called hell week, which was one solid week of the pledge class being asked to do and being forced to do all kinds of manual labor around the house. Clearing the windows, clearing the bathrooms, clearing the volleyball court, all done to develop a sense of comradery amongst the pledges. And since everyone else ahead of them had gone through this, it was kinda a right of passage. What we realized early on was that drinking was a huge part of this, and the people that were running this were trying to get you to be drunk to provide humor for all those running this”. 


This is just one of the countless examples of the culture and folkloric initiations surrounding the fraternity process. Much of these rituals are rights of passages that mark an entering into a new group. These specifically show that you are now accepted by that group.