There’s a story that I have heard about Hello Kitty and the reason why she doesn’t have a mouth. The story starts off with a mother trying to save her daughter from mouth cancer and so she sells her soul to the devil and the devil explains that if she makes a figure that has no mouth she will earn enough money to cure her daughter from cancer so she created Hello Kitty Hello Kitty means hello devil or yeah something like hi devil and it’s supposed to represent the devil so Hello Kitty is actually the devil. This was around the 1980s then the daughter was saved and the mother became very rich because of the creation of this character but it can affect us in the future which is really scary because now everybody has Hello Kitty plastered everywhere and Hello Kitty was such a huge brand and still is a very huge brand that they have stores and restaurants just based on that doll or character from Japan.



I have heard about this theory before and it shocks me on how real it gets. It is said to be a legend of a 70 year old chines woman  whose daughter was dying of cancer. she prayed and went to many churches which did nothing. That made her turn to the devil for instant gratification. she had made a pact with the devil. according to an online site “The mother was asked to create a character that would be famous all around the world. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and win new followers who would do everything for him. Buying this “doll” would be an involuntary offer for the devil. Some say that possessing this toy makes the demon stronger”  The evidence presented for this theory is that 1.) the kitty doesn’t have a mouth like the girl with mouth cancer, 2. The pointed ears are like the horns of satan, and 3.) kitty means demon in Chinese. The belief and legend behind this story is the fear of the devil regaining his power and being stronger than god.