Hiccup Cure

My siblings used to jump and try to scare each other in order to cure hiccups. We’d hide behind corners in our house and jump out at each other, like… “BLAH!” and try to scare each other real bad. Supposedly that was supposed to get rid of our hiccups? Now that I say this out loud it sounds very weird.

“Scaring” hiccups out of each other was a normal part of J’s childhood, and when he gets the hiccups nowadays, he is inclined to have someone scare him. Since that seems strange and unconventional, he only does it with his family members.

I actually used to do this myself when I was younger, among other strange, supposed “cures” like holding my breath and drinking water upside down. I’m not sure any of them actually worked, but I’ve never met another person who tried to “scare” the hiccups out of themselves.