Hidden Mickey’s

My informant tells me that in each attraction at Disneyland, there is a subliminal hidden mickey inserted for patrons to find. The most common hidden mickey spotted is three circles formed to make to make the silhouette of Mickey’s head. However there are other forms of the hidden Mickey. It is hard to tell what a true hidden mickey is from a decorative hidden Mickey; my informant cautions against this. “If, lets say during Christmas there is wreath in the shape of Mickey’s head, that doesn’t count because it for decoration.” There has never been an official statement of these Hidden Mickey’s. “It’s just known by true Disney fans,” says my informant. My informant would consider herself a true Disney Fan. She remembers her first time at Disneyland in 1963. “It looked nothing like it does now. But I still love it!” Disneyland has always been a happy place for my informant. She recalls several memorable times she has gone with her parents as a child and with her children now. She sometimes challenges them to find the Mickey’s but no one has been completely successful. The Hidden Mickey’s could be a way to lure patrons to Disneyland and pose a fun, challenging competition. It allows for visitors to feel included into this Disney subculture.