Hockey pregame ritual

Tim Marino is a 20 year old engineering student at USC. He was born in Calgary, Alberta and had lived there his entire life. Tim grew up a victim of Canadian stereotypes, playing hockey and eating maple syrup. Because he played hockey, I asked Tim if him or his team had any rituals they would do before games. Tim said:

“I played the position of goalie and I would tap the crossbar 3 times before the game started”

Tim said he did not know why he did this, simply that he felt it gave him better luck and that he could save more goals if he tapped the cross bar 3 times before every game. Whatever had worked for him in the past he stuck too. I think this also brings up the number 3 in a universal context. We talked a lot about how many things come in 3’s, and I find it fascinating that he tapped the goal post specifically 3 times and it was thought to bring him good luck.