Honey and Ginger

“So my mom…told me this it was a… I mean she did this whenever I got sick…ummmm…usually I mean…mostly in the throat… where she would get honey and like a spoon dip it in like…get a scoop of honey and also… ummm… like ummm cut a piece of ginger… off… out of the honey and… would put it on the spoon… and I would kind of down the honey and the ginger… and I mean it burned my throat but… maybe the burn was good I’ve never seen any scientific research for this but it usually did make me feel better”

This folk medicine seems to be less based in any kind of magic and more in some sort of fact, my guess for how this came to be is that many people drink tea with honey or ginger when they are sick with anything in the throat. This seems like that taken to an umpteenth level going hard and downing a spoonful of just honey and ginger which, to some, might be the center of the healing powers of the tea. Eating these raw healing ingredients might hurt at first but later—because they are raw—will probably heal you.