Context: A went to high school in the United States. In high school, A. was on the basketball team. ‘Horse’ is one of the games that people would play to practice shooting the ball.

A: “Horse for basketball. You can play with any number, but mostly with 2. You take turns shooting the ball in the basket, in the same way, the person in front of you did it. If you fail, you get a letter in the horse, if u get all 5 letters, you lose. The goal is the do the weirdest shots possible, so your opponents couldn’t copy it and you win.”

Reflection: This is a good example of how games can be developed and spread within the rule set of an existing game. These games are often played with different rules within different communities, but the general idea of the game stays the same. It is interesting how games can be created with the purpose of practicing skills, and later turn into full games themselves.