Hoser term

Tim Marino is a 20 year old engineering student at USC. He was born in Calgary, Alberta and had lived there his entire life. Tim grew up a victim of Canadian stereotypes, playing hockey and eating maple syrup. He said many of the terms he used and heard, had to do with these two things. For example:

“Back in Canada, there is a term, hoser, used as kind of an insult, and it dates back to the pre-zamboni era, when the losing hockey team would actually have to hose down the ice after the game, and yeah you could definitely say there is a derogatory connotation with the word.”

Tim said he heard this term many times throughout schooling, and said it was used as a derogatory term when he was younger, but then became¬†more of a sarcastic insult that people didn’t necessarily take offense to as he got older. I have never heard this term, and I think it definitely applies based on the area and hobbies that they perform. Because they are such a hockey heavy region, this term became so prominent.