Hotel Ghost

Collection: Legend – Ghost

A: “Have you had anything peculiar happen to you? Sounds? Sights?”

B: “Well I have a story about my sister! When she was around three years old, she would be walked in a stroller by our dad. One day, she was hysterically crying and staring up at this hotel. And my dad was really weirded out, or at least that’s what he tells us. My sister would have tantrums sometimes, but this was like really intense…I guess. And then she started actually pointing at the hotel. And then my dad told my mom later that night, and my mom was spooked! She like freaked out because that morning in the newspaper she had read that someone had been killed in that hotel just a few days prior. So, I guess that she felt some sort of presence from the hotel.”

Context/Evaluation: The hotel information serves context for the ghost aspect of the narrative. Also, the story implies acknowledgement of the soul’s existence after death.