How to find treasure in Lebanon

“There’s the treasure thing, it’s pretty uncommon, and I don’t know how accurate it is cause I heard it from someone in Lebanon. So we were up in the mountains in Lebanon and there was a huge boulder on the ground that had a cylinder bored out of it, um, and my cousin asked me if I knew what it was, and of course, I didn’t and he told me that up in the mountains of Lebanon, there’s not a lot of people who come to visit there so it’s like a barren landscape type of thing. So, um, people hide their treasure in the mountains, so in order to locate the treasure back, they would bore large holes into boulders, assuming the boulder wouldn’t move. And the way the bores showed you which way your treasure was, you would pour water into the void you made into the boulder, and as the water overflowed out, it has to spill out in some direction, and the direction that the water spills out in is the direction you buried your treasure. So if you were to follow that water on its journey in that direction, eventually you would find your treasure.”

This is like an occupational custom, in the sense that the custom is tied to one action and one kind of person who is a treasure hunter. If a stranger was walking by, it would take a good deal of intuition to first realize that it is a device, figure out what its use is for and how to use it. It is also a clever way to adapt to the natural landscape of Lebanon.