Humor–blonde joke

My informant heard this from his best friend’s younger brother Stephen, a boy that he says is “full of these crazy jokes–he never stops telling them.” This particular joke came up when my informant was a freshman in high school.

“A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are trapped on a tropical island. When they find a genie’s lamp, the genie says, “Bring me back 10 of the same fruit and do what I say and you shall live.” The redhead is the first to come back, and she has 10 bananas. The genie says, “Shove these 10 bananas up your butt and you shall be free.” The redhead manages to shove 4 down, but dies and goes to heaven. The brunette comes back with 10 grapes, and the genie tells her to do the same thing. She gets to the 10th grape, but laughs, chokes, and goes to heaven. In heaven, the redhead asks the brunette, “Why did you laugh?” The brunette replies, “I saw the blonde coming back with 10 pineapples.'”

This particular joke is just one in a long series of brunette-redhead-blonde jokes. While I did find it entertaining, it definitely strikes me as the kind of thing freshmen boys would tell each other (as was the case with my informant). It combines blason populaire with bathroom humor, which defines the type of borderline-offensive humor that high school students often find entertaining. It is not an innocent joke, but does not really qualify as a “dirty” joke though my informant did call it that before he told it. I’ve heard this particular joke before in a less-offensive format, where the characters must eat the fruit instead.