If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

My informant for this story is my friend’s mother.

Last year, my best friend got married.  He married a girl he had been dating for almost 5 years and I was glad that she is very nice and friendly, which allows me not only to continue my friendship with him without changing, but also continue and build a friendship with his wife.  Since we have been friends for so long, he asked me to be his best man.  Of course, I accepted.  In the days prior to the wedding, we all set up for the ceremony and the reception.  On the morning of the wedding, we began setting up for that evening’s reception, which was to take place outside, when we were dismayed to see that it was almost certainly going to rain.

Needless to say, we had to change our plans and move the reception indoors.  Logistically, this was quite a challenge and so we spent the entire day up to just an hour before the wedding finishing the tasks necessary to accommodate this change.  Sure enough, it did rain very hard for a long time that day.  This caused some new challenges for the wedding itself and for my friend’s wife, trying desperately not to ruin her wedding dress.  At the reception after the wedding, we talked for a long time about the wedding and many different things.  At one point, my friend’s mother said that if it rained on your wedding day, it meant you would have a good marriage.  I had never heard this before and I think we were all tired from all the changes and hearing this sort of let us all take comfort in this fact and hope for it to be true.