I’m tough! I’m gonna get up!

Informant: My informant, S. G., is 19 and was born and raised in Southern California. Sawyer lives in Chino Hills and has two mothers who both work as P.E. teachers for high school and middle schools. She has one older sister and one younger brother with the family having ties to its Swedish heritage.

Folklore: As a child growing up, Sawyer was taught a saying by her two mothers that goes, “I’m tough! I’m gonna get up! And keep going!” Her parents taught her to repeat this every time she experienced a difficult obstacle in her life where she felt she couldn’t overcome the challenge. Sawyer grew up learning the phrase since she was young by her mom who was taught the same saying when she was growing up.

Analysis: I have never heard this saying before, but I do like the positive message that it teaches. A short, strong saying like this helps enforce confidence in young children and help them to get the courage to tackle problems that might seem unconquerable. I really like the message and it’s something I might use in the future to teach my kids.