{Indian Folk Dance} Evolving Traditions

Modernized Folk Dance

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“This dance is a modernized fusion dance of Bollywood with steps that my mother taught me as I was growing up. The beginning of the dance, like the first 40 seconds before you hear Jai Ho, is from a movie that was about learning how to dance, which is why the interaction between Blue and Pink  – just gonna call us by colored outfits – is such. The choreography is done in such a fashion to exemplify the learning how to dance and then just going forth and having fun with the dancing, hence how it is transitioned into Jai Ho and the third song. The entire performance essentially is characterizing oneself and expressing the lyrics of the song through dance. As far as my feelings on the dance, it was one of my favorites. I had a lot of fun with it and all. That performance you have is not one of my favorites. I didnt like it – only because i like to feed off audience energy and quite frankly thought it was rather stagnant for that performance. I feel that the energy of the audience is a crucial component to Indian dancing, and without it the soul is lost. That’s something I picked up on as I was growing up. My mom taught me traditional indian dancing, and how to embed the soul within it.  This dance was a mixture of traditional steps, along with a fusion of the entertainment to appeal to the younger generation of the crowd, so it has some influences from Bollywood dancing. This kinda dance is the heart and soul of indian culture!”


Hearing my informant speak on the matter of the dance was a very emotional process as she began to tell me how crucial it was for the audience to get into the spirit of the dance and provide the performer with the energy to keep the fire of the dance alive. Lately I’ve seen an increasing amount of youth beginning to pay more attention to their mobile devices and social media networks than to the beautiful art that is being performed right before their eyes. I love how, in an effort to circumvent this, Luna decided to mix in Bollywood type dancing to her traditional dance movements to keep the interest alive and give everyone a show that they would never forget!