Iranian Funerals

When somebody passes all of the family members gather and they bring food and say prayers at the home of the person who has died. The burial is usually occurs within three days of the person’s death. They usually have a big memorial on the seventh day. During the memorial family and friends gather and eat Persian food, which is supposed to be comforting. The 7th day is a significant day for saying prayers. Forty days after the death of the person they do another memorial, which only includes the deceased person’s family member, friends are not included. This memorial includes a prayer ceremony and eating traditional Persian food. The family of the deceased person are supposed to wear black for forty day after the person’s passing.  If the person that died was young, they are traditionally supposed to wear black for a year. The family of the person who died celebrates the anniversary of their death every year. They visit the person’s burial site, where they take flowers and then typically go to a family dinner or lunch.