“It Was Watching Us…”

“So basically there was this one night me and my roommate were getting ready for bed. We talk about the witching hour, and it just so happened that we were getting ready for bed during that hour. So, I was like “I’m gonna go wash my face.” I open the door and I just feel this chill, and there’s a shape that goes past me in the hallway. We had just learned that someone had died on the sixth floor a long time ago so we were like “Thats a little…. sketchy.” So, I say, “[Roommate’s name] did you see that?” She said, “See what”? I said, “I saw a shape pass me in the hallway.” My roommate said “What shape?” I said, “I don’t know. It was like a human figure that just passed.” My roommate was looking down the hall and she said “There’s no one here…” We tried to forget about it and went to sleep, but that night we both had the exact same dream that there was someone standing in the middle of the room. In both of our dreams, we woke up and saw this person in the middle of the room just standing there watching us. My roommate also talks in her sleep and I woke up that night and she was saying “Get her out of our room”… “She’s standing in the middle of our room”. I got really panicked so I got out of bed and locked the door. Now, my roommate and I have reoccurring nightmares every time we leave our door unlocked that there is someone that is just standing in the middle of the room. We lock our door a lot more often *laughs*… but yeah… that’s my story.”

This was the first time that the person who was telling this story had told it. The person that who told this story didn’t believe in ghosts before she came here but because of her roommate, she started to question it and finds it interesting now. She never believed in ghosts but she did believe in the Jinn. She is from India and she says that the Jinn is an incredibly evil spirit within her culture. It’s like a genie-esque spirit that preys on impoverished people. Her grandmother and father actually both have told her stories about their experiences with the Jinn, since they were incredibly poor. I find it interesting that when she was describing the Jinn, it reminded me of a ghost, except just a lot more evil. Not all ghosts seem to be evil, but every Jinn is. It seemed to have the same qualities, though. She described it as a shadow presence that you can see with the naked eye. It’s an example of how some cultures don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but they have their own experience with a spirit of some sort, and they believe in that.

I 100% believe the person that told me this story. We live in the same dorm on the same floor, and I know both her and her roommate very well. Now, I feel like I’m going to have to watch out for this, to be honest. I haven’t ever felt a presence or seen anything suspicious, but I really do believe my friend is telling the truth.