Jewish Seder Tradition

Jewish Seder Tradition: A chair for Elijah

When I asked my Jewish friend what her traditions were in regards to Jewish holidays, she said her favorite tradition was the chair for Elijah.  I asked her to further explain:

“On the night of Passover sadar um our family leaves an empty chair and glass of wine at the dinner table and you open the door at some point of the night. So the Jewish prophet Elijah can come in. Legend says he has never died, so we leave a um spot at.. A spot for him at the table and leave the door open in case he comes in to join.”

When I asked her where she learned this she replied,
“Its a modern western Jewish tradition that I just uh grew up with.”

The tradition sets a place for the prophet Elijah in hopes that he will find his way and join the family for the seder meal.  The tradition touches upon the belief that Elijah has never died and still wanders looking for his people.  It is a kind gesture of the Jewish people to leave a spot for him, as well as a glass of wine, in hopes of his return.