Main Piece:


Jinns are spirits. Usually they are the bad ones, or the malicious ones.


When your father was very young he would be able to see ghosts, all the time. He would see them when he was in the bathroom, walking around, and eventually when he was driving/riding out.


It would be very hard for him because sometimes, especially when he is driving he would not know whether or not this body or that is a spirit or not (that randomly appeared in the middle of the road).


Your father would astral project his spirit out of his body a lot, especially when your mother was in Indonesia and he was in America, and he would tell her about what she was doing, what she was wearing, the next day (due to the time differences) and he would get them right everytime.


I warn you not to do this a lot or at all because when you do and the spirit leaves the body momentarily a window opens and jinns or other spirits can enter your body.


Your father also used to go to graveyard in the middle of the night when he was a teenager and raise the spirits there to battle each other. I think he had some kind of gift over them that allowed him to control them to fight against one another.


Fortunately your father never saw ghosts again after your mother finally got him to convert to Christianity (baptized perhaps?).


Background Information:

Why do they know this piece?

Raising your father who saw ghosts all the time I would talk to him about this to help him.


Where/Who did they learn it from?

Parents, friends, family, this was a part of our Indonesian Culture.


What does it mean for them?

That these are things to watch out for and not mess around with.


Context of Performance:

Talking to grandmother over the phone.



This was a bit spooky for me because I heard of these kind of stories from my mother before but finally hearing all of this from my grandmother in full detail made me uneasy.


There was a period after my father passed away that I constantly had sleep paralysis and some sort of hard, jutting, out of body experiences. I told this to my grandmother and it was then that she started to warn me about the dangers of “opening this window.”


I don’t really have these things anymore.


But what was really interesting was that when my father did “astral project” himself from America (while he was sleeping at night) and go visit and watch my mother when she was up and about in the daytime in Indonesia – and when he recited to her what she was doing, what she was wearing, down to the jewelry, he would always get it right everytime. This was back then before smartphones, etc, internet, etc.