Joke – Blind Man

So there’s this blind guy right? He’s strollin’ through the park, doesn’t really have a fear of the dark though but still… Umm so he’s walking and then all of a sudden he… he stops in front of a fish store, takes a big ass whiff and says “Good morning ladies!”

Daniel says he heard the joke a few years back in middle school. He feels that this joke has a lot of humor to it. He says it is funny how people think that a female’s vagina smells like a fish. Also, that this joke had to have been made in a ‘hood’ because there are many prostitutes on the streets and only they would have a stench that could fill the air.

I think that Daniel is correct when he says that the joke had to have been made in a suburb. I live close to him and there are a lot of fried fish shops that are run by black southerners and you can smell the fried fish from a mile away. Putting that together with the fact the some of these shops are nearby the infamous street named “Century Blvd”, which is known for being littered with prostitutes, you get the connection between vagina and fish, thus creating a pretty amusing joke.

I heard this same joke in the intro of the song “Colt 45” by Afroman and noticed a few differences. Besides having the normal mixing of words, Daniel added the park part to the joke. He lives right across the street from a park and a fried fish store is not much further, so that could have been why he added that part. Furthermore, he added the ‘fear of the dark’ park to it as well. He is a big fan of the group Iron Maiden and they sing a song titled “Fear of the Dark.” The beginning of the songs mentions a stroll through the park and we were just done listening to some Iron Maiden in the car before he told me this joke. So it makes sense that he took a part of the song and added it to the joke.


Song title: Colt 45

By: Afroman