Joke – Beyonce

Why does Beyonce sing to the left to the left?

Because niggers have no rights.

Alex says he heard this joke at lunch at his middle school earlier in the year. He says he thinks the joke says that since black people don’t have rights, they must concern themselves with the left.

This joke definitely depicts the racism that goes on in Inglewood as well as other places. Many of these jokes arise due to the racial tensions that exist within their communities. From my experience, a lot of these jokes are shared among multiple races while joking about another’s race. Usually there isn’t much offense to the jokes, however people who are not sharing these jokes may overhear and take offense.

However, jokes like these can be meant to be offensive. I think that this joke is meant to be offensive. The key to that is the use of the word ‘nigger’. When joking around as described earlier, the term ‘black people’ would be used instead of ‘nigger’ since it has less hate associated to it. Even the use of the word ‘nigga’ would have been nicer since it is a very common word in those neighborhoods and isn’t really as offensive since its so common. I’ve heard from some of my black friends that they just take a lot of offense to the term ‘nigger’ because of its connotations and ‘nigga’ has become another word for ‘homie’ for example.