“So there’s a pirate, right? He’s fighting and he’s like a captain right? And he has all this crew and he’s like ‘Oh yeah, I’m a hero!’ And then so like one day, he’s in a battle and then he goes ‘Shipmate or whatever, bring me the red shirt!’ And then uh he wears the red shirt and he goes into battle and then after the battle they win right? ‘Cause he’s victorious. And then the shipmate person’s like ‘Oh, why did you ask for the red shirt?’ And then the pirate guy was like ‘Oh ‘cause when I get stabbed I don’t want anyone to see the blood on me’ or whatever, you know? And then he does blah blah blah. And so yeah, he does that like all the time right? Ok. So then time passes. He hears like all these kings are tryin’ to like take revenge on the pirate so they’re sending all these troops over. So one day, he’s on the open sea and then he sees all these ships. And then uh, he’s like ‘Bring me my brown pants!!!’ ‘Cause he’s gonna shit his pants! Isn’t that funny? I heard it from my friend I think it’s funny because, um, you think the story’s gonna end in a heroic moment. However, he poos…he deposits his fecal matter in his pants and tries to hide it with brown pants. I believe that is very funny. It’s one of my favorite jokes…I think it’s funny. Yeah, it talks about fecal matter.”

I agree with Kazuma that it’s probably the surprise element at the end that makes the joke successful in being funny. Based on the setup of the story, the audience is expecting a heroic story with some sort of noble or glorified ending. Instead, it brings up a taboo subject that most people don’t really talk about: feces.