Racial Joke

What do you call one black guy being chased by sixty white guys?

-The PGA Tour.

The informant, Ilana was told this joke by her friend Calvin in her hometown of Piedmont California. She really likes the joke because of the unexpectedness of the punch line. She says she would tell this joke when other people have already told a racial joke because the unexpectedness of the punch line is increased. She likes the joke because it sets the listener up to hear something derogatory about African Americans, but instead highlights the skill of African-American golfer Tiger Woods.

The joke is obviously a reaction to more traditional racist jokes. It uses the familiar “what do you call a” joke format while setting up a situation of racial conflict. The joke’s punch line is somewhat ironic because the joke leads you to think about situations of racial conflict and the punch line delivers a wholesome answer to the question, while pointing out an oddity within the sport of professional golf.