“A skeleton walks into a bar, walks right up to the bartender and asks, ‘hey, can I get a beer and a mop?’”

Bill said he learned this joke within the last couple of years at a dinner party. He does not remember exactly who told him or where it came from. However, he did say that it is one of those jokes that are told through the grapevine. He also mentioned that individuals are always telling “bar jokes” and this is just one of the many that he has heard. Bill said that skeletons are consistently used in all sorts of jokes, ranging from bars to them crossing the road. Therefore, there are probably many variations to this specific joke as well as many others that relate to skeletons.

Bill said that this joke is primarily told in a dinner setting with friends and family. He said it is a good ice breaker to help start a conversation by making people laugh. It is funny whenever the people do not understand it at first but then laugh a few seconds after everyone else does. It is these individuals that do not understand why the skeleton asks for a mop. But, then they realize he asks for it so that he can mop up all the beer that spills from his skeleton. Bill likes this joke because it is simple and clean. He said it can be used at work as well as various other social gatherings. He did recommend not telling it to children simply because they do not drink alcohol like adults do.

When I asked him what it meant to him, Bill responded by saying that he just liked it when he first heard it. It did not have any importance to him; it just provided him with a good laugh. He said that it represents his personality well because he likes to tell these types of simple jokes to his friends whenever they come over for dinner. Other than that, it just made him think about how great jokes can be.

I agree with Bill that it is a simple joke to tell at the workplace or other gatherings. It applies to many individuals because people usually go to bars to order drinks. Therefore, it usually does not offend people but rather makes them laugh. Obviously, the joke does not make sense because a skeleton does not walk into a bar and order a drink. But, it pokes fun at the very idea of a skeleton drinking a beer and spilling it all over the place. Personally, I like this joke just because it is quick, easy to say, and it is a great ice breaker in conversations.