Joke – Iran

“There are three people and they are going to go to the desert.  They are each allowed one item to bring with them.  One man says he wants to bring eggs with him, so if he gets hungry, he has something to eat.  The other guy says he wants to bring wine, so when he gets thirsty, he can drink something.  The last guy says he wants to bring a car door.  The other two men, confused, ask why he would want to bring a car door.  The man answers, “So that if it gets too hot, I can roll down my window.””

My mom told me this joke, which she says she learned about three years ago at lunch one day with her friends.  Her friend heard this joke in Iran.  Here is an example of how this version of a joke originated in Iran, but is quickly spread in different countries.  It also shows a little bit of the Persian culture.  The fact that they go to the desert and one brings eggs while another brings wine illustrates some Persian characteristics and customs.  The eastern part of the country is mostly consisted of desert terrain and the desert is generally associated with Middle Eastern and northern African countries.  Eggs and wine are also very common and popular food and drink items in Iran.  For example, if the joke originated in America or if someone wanted to make an oicotype of the joke and adapt it to the American culture, that person might say that one man chose to bring bread and the other man chose to bring water or soda.

When my mom told this joke, she told it to me while I was with my aunts.  After the punch lines of other jokes, the audience would burst out laughing; but with this joke, both of my aunts and I were just annoyed at how ignorant and dumb the third guy was.  I really enjoyed the joke and laughed afterwards- I even shared the joke with some friends- but my immediate reaction was that I was annoyed.