Joke – Jewish

Jewish Joke

“Why do Jewish people have big noses? Because air is free!”

This joke deals with two main stereotypes about Jewish people. One is their appearance, having big noses. The other is that they are cheap.

I must say, being a Jew, I think I am guilty of possessing both of these traits. This Jew joke to me is funny, yet some Jewish jokes deal with trying to make light of the Holocaust, which is something I will never find funny. Light-hearted Jokes like this one, however, are ok with me, as a Jew.

Jewish people may be cheap, I admit it. However, statistically, Jewish people make up less than one percent of the population, but control a large portion of the wealth. Perhaps one of the reasons that Jewish people have such a high success rate of becoming rich is due to their “cheap” tendencies. Especially now, during time of at least an acute economic crisis, perhaps more of the US can learn money saving tips from the Jewish. Yes I might be biased but in reality, there is nothing wrong with trying to save a bit of money.

The big nosed part of being a Jew I cannot explain. It is not to say that every Jewish person has a big nose, but for those who do not, there sure are those who have enough nose for two! My mother, for instance, had a nose job as a result of her dislike of her “Jewish” nose.

The point is, this joke is one that I think many Jews would laugh at because of the validity to it. However, there are some jokes that are just too sensitive to handle, no matter how long it has been after the event that the joke is about. This includes the Holocaust.