Joke – Mexican

Joke – Betting

Es que era una mujer lista vien lista y se caso con su esposo y ella siempre le ganaba al hombre. Si iban a las carreras de caballo, ella se fijaba a cual el iba apostar. Y el apostaba a uno y ella al otro y el vato diario perdia y ella diario ganaba. Iban a las peleas de gallo, ella se fijaba que el apostaba al rojo y ella apostaba al verde. Entonces ella diario se llebaba todo el dinero que el perdia. Y entonces dice “¿Como le aré ganar a esta mujer yo?” y va con su compadre y le dijo “Esta mujer a todo me gana. Mira le juego a los caballos, me gana. Le juego a los gallos, me gana.” Y el compadre dice “Yo se en que le ganas. Mira juegale a ver quien cuelar mas lejos una miada. Tu sabes un hombre la cuela lejos y una mujer que tanto la va colar, ¿verdad?” Dice okay y va con la mujer y dice “Hora si vieja, te juego todo mi dinero contra el tuyo, no me importa cuanto sea.” Y la mujer le dice “No le hace. A lo que tu quieras alcabo tu nunca ganas a mi.” “Okay vamos a jugar ver quien puede colar mas lejos una miada. Orale tu, primero las damas.” No que se sienta y hasta un chiflido se hecho y la colo un metro. Y luego le dice “Ahora sigues tu.” Y luego se la saco y se la quiso agarrar y dice “¡Sin trampa! ¡Yo no me la agarre!” Se la solto y se mio los zapatos. ¡De todos modos perdio!

She was smart woman, very smart and she married her husband and she would always win against the man. If they went to the horse races, she would note which he would bet on. He bet on one and she on the other and the man always lost and she would always win. They would go to cockfights, she would see that the he bet on the red one and so she would bet on the green one. She would always take all the money that he would lose. And then he says “What must I do to beat this woman?” and he goes with his good friend and says “this woman wins me at everything. Look we bet on horses, she wins. We bet on roosters, she wins.”  And the friend says “I know in what you can beat her in. Look, bet to see who can strain a urine farther.  You know a man strains it far away and a woman, there’s only so much she can strain it, right?” He says okay and goes with the woman and says “Okay woman, I’ll bet all my money against yours, it does not matter to me how much it is.”  And the woman says “It doesn’t matter.  Whatever you want since you never win against me.”  “Okay we are going to bet on who can strain a urine further.  Alright you’re up, ladies first.”  She sits down and let out a little stream and it went a meter.  And then she says “Now its your turn.”  And then he whips it out and when he was about to grab it… “No tricks! I didn’t grab myself!”  He lets it go and pisses all over his shoes.  Regardless he still lost!

Alfredo says this was a joke that was shared amongst a group of friends while drinking. He says that this joke depicts that sometimes women can really be smarter than men. He also notes that it wasn’t just the woman’s smarts that allowed her to completely own the man in gambling, luck also has a part to it. There is no way she could have known the horse or chicken he chose were going to lose. Those are just a matter of bad luck and eventually things would even out.

I agree with him to an extent. Luck definitely was not on the side of the man. He lost at everything even though he was the one choosing his bets. However, since the women was very keen when gabling against the man, as seen in the last bet, she had a major psychological advantage. The man had no idea how to beat her thus not being able to analyze his picks correctly and only thinking about beating the women.

I noticed that the man was willing to wage all of his money against the woman’s when he felt he had a sure-fire way of winning against the woman. This shows how the man must be the one with the money in the relationship in Mexico. He is the one that is supposed to bring home the money and the woman is supposed to take care of the kids. Maybe the man felt his pride being depleted when the woman was winning and bringing home all the money he was losing.

Also the use of the male and female sex organs in the final bet show another instance of the gender superiority that goes on in Mexico. The man had no idea what to do in order to defeat the woman so he is told to resort to his penis, his manhood. Even that was not enough to outsmart and defeat the woman.

Also the notion of the number ‘3’ appears in the joke. It wasn’t until the third bet where the man was truly embarrassed and outsmarted.