Joke – United States

Joke- United States

“So a guy walks into the bar and orders a drink from the bartender. Sitting there and drinking, he looks over and sees a horse. He calls the bartender over and asks why there’s a horse in the bar. Bartender tells him, “Oh its my horse.” And then the bartender goes, “I bet you can’t make my horse laugh.” The guy goes “Okay, for a drink?” and the bartender goes. “Sure, why not.” So the guy takes the horse into the other room. About 15 seconds later, the guy opens the door. And the horse is laughing. So then the bartender gives him a drink and asks him how he did it. However, the guy refuses to tell him. So the bartender goes, “okay, if you make my horse cry, ill give you another drink.” So the guy says, “okay.” So the guy takes the horse into the other room. About 15 seconds later, the guy opens the door and the horse is crying. So the bartender gives him his free drink and asks him how he did it. The guy goes, “if you gives me another drink, I’ll tell you.” So the bartender gives him another drink and the guy tells him, “To make your horse laugh, I told him I had a bigger penis than him. To make him cry, I showed him.””

Eric told me that he learned this joke randomly from his friend in high school, probably his sophomore year. He said that they were “probably just messing around” and telling each other these jokes about sex and sexual parts. He said he really liked this joke and thought it was really funny. So it kind of just stayed with him all these years. However, he said it was hard to remember the joke exactly. He said that it was hard to tell the joke with all the pieces being the same every time. He said most of the time when he tells it, the joke is always a little different.

Eric is my roommate and I have heard this joke before I recorded it for my folklore collection. I think it is funny and a little immature but yet still funny. I think it was probably my sophomore, maybe freshmen year in high school when my friends and I would tell each other similar jokes. I think it is interesting that even though Eric grew up in Las Vegas and I grew up in  the Los Angeles area that we told similar jokes. I remember telling “Your momma is so fat” jokes, and “bar” jokes and definitely many “sexual” jokes. As I said before I have heard this joke before from him. It’s true what Eric says that every time he tells it, it always changes a little bit. I think last time he told me, the horse was already in the other room and the timing was like 10 seconds later. And I believe I told this joke to someone else using something similar. So I can see how similar jokes with different variations spread amongst people.

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