A woman dies in a car crash and is sent to her judgment at the gates of heaven.  After St. Paul decides that she lived a virtuous life, she is allowed to enter heaven.  One of the other angels approaches her and offers to take her on a tour of heaven.  He shows her the greatest restaurants, the best theaters, the hottest clubs, the amusement parks, and all the best of heavens attractions.  Suddenly she notices a building with a long line out in front.  As they get closer she hears shrieks of pain and agony.  She asks what’s inside and the angel says:

“That is the room you must enter to become an angel.”

The screaming gets louder and more anguished.  So she asks what is happening inside.  The angel replies:

“First they drill holes in your head to hold your training halo in place, then they drill holes into your back to put your wings in, and finally -”

She stops him before he can finish and tells him that she would like to be sent to hell.  He says:

“You realize that if you are sent to hell you will be tortured, raped and sodomized daily?”

The woman answers: “Yeah, but I already have the holes for that.”

Ariel told me that she heard this joke from a coworker during their break at Taco Bell.  This joke once again deals with social taboos.  It was told among a group of individuals in their late teens to early twenties.  The focus of the joke is somewhat sexual in nature.  It also comments on death and the afterlife.  The joke is one that would not likely be told around anyone outside of one’s immediate age group.

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