Jokes about Liberals

Ethnicity: ½ black, ¼ Mexican, ¼ Japanese

Spanish, English

18, Student

Houston, TX

23 April 28, 2011

Liberal Jokes

  1. How do you confuse a liberal?
    1. You don’t they’re born that way!
  2. What’t the difference between Carville and a catfish?
    1. One’s a scum sucking bottom-feeder, and the other’s a fish!
  3. How do liberal brain cells die?
    1. Lonely
  4. What do you call a basement full of liberals?
    1. A whine cellar
  5. What is foreplay for a liberal?
    1. 30 minutes of begging

To Mai Ling, these jokes remind her of her close conservative friends. Mai Ling tells the jokes with such nostalgia that it’s clear she misses her home and her friends. She said that where she’s from everyone tells jokes and passes them around. People come up to her and tell her jokes all the time while she’s at school or chilling with her friends. Now more than ever, she finds these jokes particularly funny since she goes to school in California, one of the more liberal states. She doesn’t know where these jokes come from but she tells them and thinks of home.

Mai Ling told this joke as we smoked hookah in Westwood. We were talking about home and started telling jokes. Her jokes focus on belittling liberals and that stems back to her conservative upbringing. This is a classic example of folk jokes and blaison populaire as the jokes play on popular misconceptions about liberals. For conservatives, these jokes are really funny because they belittle their opponent while affirming their political stance. These jokes have a big following and are quickly passed along. Examples of these types of jokes are in the newspaper all the time especially during campaigns.

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