Main Piece:


Biblical story where Jonah was sent to Genovia or something and they were very sinful there so he gets on a ship and try to escape but a whale swallows him and he’s there for 3 days in his stomach and then he realizes that he has to go because God wants him to go.


Background Information:

Why do they know this piece?

Significantly I remember growing up going to Sunday school we would watch Veggie Tales movies – vegetables reacting stories about the bible – and this particular story was from a Veggie Tales Movie.


Where/Who did they learn it from?

Veggie Tales Movie


What does it mean for them?

Personally it means that sometimes you have to things you don’t want to do – and that goes with your normal life – you gotta do homework and you gotta do it and even if you avoid it you still end up doing it. Kind of reminds me like hey, just do it! If you do it fast enough you’ll have more time later for yourself!


Context of Performance:

Sitting inside friend’s room just talking.



Again, it is interesting to me how folktales can be learned in such distorted mediums (that may still be accurate to what they were before originally) such as Veggie Tales, and that some people learn about this folklore/tale only through this medium and may not have any idea of the original story/version.