Kenyan History

Description: Long time ago they came and settled in their spot in Kenya. Since the forty tribes are all dispersed around Kenya. They came and settled there and had a bunch of wars like with the other tribes to claim territory. And then once they had it that land has been passed down through generations. For example, where my grandparent’s land is, well they’re Luos, but where their land is is where Luyas live because it was very close to the border. Since there’s not as many disputes anymore they bought land that was a bit outside of that. There were issues with the tribes intermarrying. I’m not sure exactly how that ended up happening. The people came to a compromise. They got the tribes to unite by having the British coming over and taking the land. The British treated the locals as third class citizens and once they got fed up with that they united and basically kicked the British out and decided to form a nation. The biggest legendary figure was Jomo Kenyatta. He was the first president of Kenya. But my grandparents would say something different. I can’t exactly remember what they’d say. I guess my great grandfather was involved with trying to gain independence from them. They were kind of the ones who were pulling the strings behind the curtain. But like, Jomo Kenyatta was maybe the main guy. My great grandfather knew him. He was apart of the people who appointed him president. Nowadays no one really talks about it that much. And since, my grandparents on my mom’s side, they’ve all died. So now it’s only my mom’s generation left. No one really knows about that anymore. They still kind of know like the surname and everything but they don’t really know. Still, I consider to be more of my father’s family since there’s more relatives there.”

2. My friend learned this in school and also from his family.

3. I walked into his dorm room and asked him if he could tell me some Kenyan folklore. He told me this one.

4. A lot of this is recorded historical fact. However, there manages to be a remnant of information that may or may not be that of legend. He mentions that his great grandfather new the first president of Kenya. This may be true, but it may not be in the way that his family would like to believe. It’s possible that his family has expanded on his grandfather’s involvement and given it an extra flash of honor.